Sponsor a Pet Program

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One way to help at SAD is to volunteer. Sadly, many people do not have the time or the capability of volunteering at our shelter in person. Maybe you are not in a position to own a pet but would like the opportunity to care for a homeless one. Sponsoring is a great way to join the Society for Animals in Distress. You can still have the joy of helping a pet!

Option 1: Birthday Gifts or Memorials - sponsor as a gift for someone’s birthday, or in memorial of someone dear.
Option 2: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Sponsorships - We are looking for animal lovers who are interested in sponsoring the shelter animals.
• Monthly Sponsorships – starting amount is $25 per month, however you can sponsor for an increased monthly rate of your choosing.
• Quarterly Sponsorships – starting amount is $100 per quarter and again you can also sponsor for an increased rate of your choosing.
• Semi-Annual Sponsorships - starting amount is $200 per term with the option to increase to a rate of your choosing.
• Annual Sponsorships – starting amount is $400 per year however, we welcome an increased sponsorship rate of your choosing.

The Society for Animals in Distress is a non-profit organization. We are a private, no-kill animal shelter that is funded solely on fundraising and donations alongside our boarding facility and thrift store. By participating in the “Sponsor a Pet Program” you are helping to offset the cost of regular pet care and medical bills for the sponsored pet. The shelter facility holds at maximum 30 cats, and 7 dogs and on average we have 20 to 25 cats in the shelter at a time. Some of the cats have been at the shelter for over 365 days which is why your participation in the Sponsorship Program would be beneficial in affording their regular care. When an animal receives a sponsorship, we are committed to giving them a Sponsorship Day party complete with treats, wet food, toys and of course a decorated photo shoot. The photos of the Sponsorship Party will be posted to our Facebook page giving a shout out to you, the sponsor, so that everyone can celebrate with us. You will receive a news letter for each month you remain a sponsor. Included will be photos of the sponsored animal, and a description of how their month has been (trips to the vet, if they are making friends, etc.) You will also be notified if your sponsored animal is adopted.

If you do not use Facebook or have an email address, please discuss this with us and we can work around that. Also, considering that your sponsorship is really a donation, we will give you a charitable tax receipt for your files.

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